Days Gone – Platinum

This is just a quick play through the New Game+ to obtain the platinum trophy. The game was previously completed offline.

Days Gone is by far one of the best games I’ve played. When I completed it, I was in awe for many weeks that followed. It has excellent gameplay elements and an incredible storyline.

It’s a tale of two close friends (Deacon & Boozer), thrusted into a post apocalyptic world, just trying to make a living and looking to travel further north where things are hopefully better. They are both forced to stay where they are, after Boozer got seriously injured, and to get help from other camps but at a price. In his journey, Deacon finds out that his wife may still be alive and pursues all leads to find out if she is and where to find her, making new friends along the way.

In your journey, playing as Deacon, you encounter many marauder camps and religious fanatics called Rippers. You are also faced with small groups of zombies (known as freakers) and large hordes of zombies as you journey through the land.

Personal Rating: 9/10.

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